Diane Bixler, Health Coach & Author


Diane Bixler is an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach and part-time author enjoying the sunny life in Flagler County, Florida.

Diane Bixler has completed her partial certification through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, toward becoming a fully certified health coach. She is currently practicing in Flagler County, offering multiple levels of support for locals who wish to improve their health and overall wellness. As she ventured into her health coaching career, Coach Bix knew she would be focusing her efforts on sharing her passion of food. Offering cooking clinics on a variety of food preparation, she is filling a niche within Flagler, helping others to hone their existing skills and learn some new culinary tricks.

Coach Bix’s creativity definitely shines through in her cooking and presentation of food. But her creative juices don’t just flow through her kitchen – She’s written professionally for years, creating bylaws for various non-profit organizations, newspaper & magazine articles, and grants. She challenged herself through writing, completing her certification in grant writing through UCF’s Continuing Education Program.

After a fifteen-year hiatus from fiction, she rekindled her passion for creative writing, publishing her first completed manuscript, Murder in D Minor, in December of 2013. Melancholy Jack & And So He Plays His Part, published in 2014 & 2015, are the first two in the Acts of Justice Series featuring one of her favorite characters, Jack Arden. Book three of the series, Motley Fool, is in progress, while she’s also completing The Story of Alice. Expanding her writing skills, she has also published a collection of short stories titled Dark Moments, her favorite publication.

Welcome to my little piece of the web!

I'm Coach Bix, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and author.

When I'm not working, cooking, or writing, I'm enjoying life to the fullest.

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