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As Snow Falls – Elle Klass

One of my more recent reads was an interesting book titled As Snow Falls written by Elle Klass. I know Elle through social media as a fellow author and decided to try something new. I didn’t read about it, just downloaded it and dove in. I wasn’t disappointed!

As Snow Falls, Elle Klass

As Snow Falls, Elle Klass

The opening threw me a little and for the first portion of the book, I was a tad confused, yet still completely engrossed. You are reading about one woman’s entire life, birth through death, and everything contained within her life. Some of the beginning scenes are written such that you’re almost reading from an infant’s point of view. As she grows and matures, the writing settles into that of a young woman full of sass and somewhat lost in the world. I loved how the writing changed to match the woman’s point in life.

The writing aside, the story is captivating. The mood is set almost melancholy and this theme seems to resound through the book, even during happier times within her life. Although you are reading about her life from her perspective, there are a few surprises, especially as her life begins to come to a close. I found myself hurrying my reading as I neared the end – I couldn’t wait to learn all of her life secrets. All the while, you are catching glimpses of an old woman, rocking in her chair, as the snow falls outside her cabin. Although you can piece together who the old woman is, it’s not until the very few pages that the entire book comes together into a perfectly beautiful ending.

Closing the book with tears streaming down my face, I felt fulfilled. I don’t wish to give away any spoilers here, but one would be lucky to live such a full life. Ladies, only jump into this story when you’re ready. This book isn’t for just casual, everyday reading. I assure you, once you’ve started, you will find yourself whisked away into a different time and place, a new perspective slowly creeping into your own life.

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