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I’ve written creatively or technically for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, the encyclopedia was my favorite book, and I remember trying to learn about different topics and writing my own articles about them. I envisioned my life as a reporter, writing about all the events in the world.

As I matured, my writing left the solidity of the factual world and entered a much more creative one. I especially loved poetry but also wrote short stories. In high school, my creative works turned very dark, almost everything I produced during this time revolved around the topic of death.

Upon entering college, my writing demands became more technical again, and I found myself drawn to the education field. I completed my first novella about the time I graduated college, but never published it. Starting my career in education, I devoted less and less time to write creatively, but found good use for my technical writing skills through my job as an ESE teacher. I took a course to hone my grant writing skills and found success in writing small and large grants.

Attempting to balance my personal and professional lives, I started journaling in the fall of 2013. As the holidays approached (and with them, my grandmother’s birthday), I thought of a unique gift idea. I would publish my long forgotten manuscript and dedicate it to her. I pulled the novella from a file filled with writings titled “one day” and set to editing it. I finished tweaking language, creating back stories and setting a clear time frame, meeting my deadline by publishing it on December 14th, just in time for grandma’s birthday on the 19th.

That little spark of creativity opened my heart once again to a passion I’d long forgot. From the light & humorous Murder in D Minor to the darker Acts of Justice Series, I’m enjoying sharing my creative side with others. I have recently finished and published a very well received collection of short stories, Dark Moments, and have two stand alone novels almost to the half-way mark. To keep tabs on my writing progress (and for sneak peeks at covers and snippets of my works in progress), follow me on Facebook.

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