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Dark Moments

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Dark Moments

Dark Moments – A collection of short stories exploring the dark side of the human life and death.

Scarred – Climb inside the mind of a cutter and join her for one last release.

Easy Way Down – Charlie is no stranger to losing those he loves, but when he makes a new friend, his life begins to spiral down.

Smokehouse – As this story unfolds, what seems right turns very wrong, with a dark ending emerging through the smoke.

Grocery Shopping on a Summer’s Day in Florida, circa 1959 – A simple activity in which we’ve all engaged, but with a bit of a twist.

The Lingering – We all want to live, but what happens when we die?

The Seventh Streetlamp – Is it possible to scare yourself to death?

Calamity – Told from three perspectives, only one of them will ever know what really happened.

Chiming In – A mass murder from a perspective none of us will ever have.

Meeting on a Lane – A four-word cluster poem.

Due to the nature of the stories in this collection, reader discretion is advised. Some readers may find content offensive or disturbing. If you are sensitive to topics of suicide, self-harm, murder, violence, or similar subjects, please proceed with caution.

Due to the nature of the content the style of writing (short stories), Dark Moments is only available as a paperback through Amazon.

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