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Melancholy Jack

I wasn't born a killer.

I wasn’t born a killer.

I wasn’t born a killer. I suppose I wasn’t born a lover either. From an early age, I knew I was different, but growing up with an overprotective mother and alcoholic father, I think I did pretty damn well for myself. I settled into a perfectly normal existence, married the love of my life, Allie, and maintained a successful acting career.


And then, with no warning, Allie was taken from me, killed in a car accident. I resorted to acting once again to maintain a false normalcy in my life, and it worked, for a while. But the man responsible for ending her life just walked away, with no consequences for his negligent actions.


I wasn’t born a killer. I want to do right and follow the path leading me back to a perfectly normal life. But part of me wants justice, needs closure, and feels compelled to secure these comforts the only way I know how.

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