Diane Bixler, Health Coach & Author

Easy Way Down

Excerpt from draft –

Charlie stood tall, looking out over the expanse of land beneath him. In all his years of visiting Rock Tower, he’d not realized how high the structure stood until this moment. Charlie admired the view before he turned and faced his last friend.

Allen was now almost completely invisible. Charlie could just make out his face, his long, dark hair blown by the wind. A half smile crossed Allen’s lips, but he remained silent, the pain in his face speaking volumes. A faint outline of his clothes moved with the breeze, like colored smoke swirling around his frail body.

Charlie took a deep breath, before finally speaking. “I have nothing left. Even you are leaving me.”

Charlie turned away from his friend and took a step off the edge of the rock. Gravity sucked his body down toward the canyon floor, where Charlie’s life ended with a dull thud. Allen’s apparition slowly solidified, until the body of a man replaced the smoky image.

“Until we meet again, Chuck.”

Easy Way Down is one of the short stories coming via Dark Moments, a collection of twisted tales featuring the dark side of the human psyche.

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