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Several weeks ago, I decided to delete Facebook from my phone. Initially, I intended to check the site from my desktop. Well, that didn’t happen, and I’m damn glad it didn’t. Here’s what I’ve discovered during my news-feed abstinence.

I like people more. Opinions are like elbows (I’m being nice here), and we all have at least one. I know I’m guilty of expressing my opinions just as much as everyone else. But when barraged by them on a daily basis, I found myself judging people based on their religion, political, social, and moral beliefs, as well as anything else one felt like posting. Without that daily reminder that all of us have assholes, I mean elbows, I found that I judged less and liked people more.

I miss people. Really, I miss the connection I maintained with those who lived far away. I don’t know what’s happening in Indiana, Pennsylvania, or Texas. I also don’t know what’s happening with my Florida friends, or even my Flagler friends. But this leads to my next discovery.

I have more to talk about with my friends. When I do hang out with others, we actually have something to discuss, and I find these discussions more meaningful. I didn’t know so-and-so had a baby, or this person went on a vacation, or that person has been feeling under the weather. I am actually having conversations about everyday life with others. I can share my own life, and enjoy hearing about theirs.

In contrast, I didn’t learn until yesterday that Nancy Reagan died. I was wondering why flags were lowered, and finally asked. It’s a shame – she was truly a lady. I relied on Facebook for my news, and I am undecided as to whether I miss (or need) the news or not.

With my self-imposed ban on a news-feed coming to an end, I am leaning toward keeping Facebook off my phone and out of my life. I’ll continue to post on my public (author) page, but I’m not feeling a need to go back to relying on a news-feed to supply my life with content. I think I’ll just make my own content and enjoy personal connections when they happen.

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