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Rose-Colored Glasses

Much has happened over the last six months, and so I started this school year blaming my failing eyesight on a multitude of reasons other than my age. My office was relocated into a slightly smaller room, but one that is much darker. I even bought a few lamps to brighten up the place a little. And I gave up my PC at the end of last school year, upgrading to a new Mac, though it does have a smaller screen. Then there was that little motorcycle accident I had, followed by surgery. All valid reasons I was struggling to see clearly.

The computer screen was the first hint – I had to enlarge the font to be able to read. One morning, I realized I had something wrong with a fingernail, but for the life of me, I couldn’t actually see my hand clearly. And then, the final straw, I glanced at a magazine James was reading and I couldn’t read the words. I called that day, and had an eye exam scheduled for the next afternoon.

I arrived a bit early and checked in with the receptionist. I learning my appointment would be another 15-20 minutes, so I perused the frame selection. One of the young ladies working told me to go ahead and pick out a couple of frames I liked. Ha, ha, ha!

I smiled, and informed her that I didn’t need glasses, I was just there to find out why I couldn’t see.

Yes, I actually said that. At the time, it made perfect sense to me. Finally, I was called in to see the doctor. We reviewed some basics, and started with the standard eye chart. I could read most of the letters, but the bottom row was too blurry. My chin was then placed in a cup-like rest and a machine swung over, covering my eyes. We then started the “which is better, one,” I’d hear a click, “or two?” I was off to a strong start with my right eye – only a couple of clicks. But when we switched the left, there were several twos until we finally got a one. With the ones & twos done, I was presented with several diminishing lines of text. I was attempting to figure out which line I could read when the doc said, “how’s this?” One click, and I could read it all, every last word.

“Wow,” was my only answer. He smiled.

He put more drops in my eyes and I was sent out to wait while my eyes dilated. That’s when the fun really began. Now, I had to pick out frames while my eyesight completely left me. Yes, purple is my favorite color, and though tempting, I settled on a simple black pair of glasses with a slight rose-color insert, framing my world in a tint of red.

After two long weeks of waiting, my glasses finally arrived today, and I was super excited to pick them up. The lady gave me a quick lesson on how to use them, as they are progressives. At one point, she instructed me to pretend I was holding a book. I put out my hands while watching her demonstrate. She said to look through the bottom of the glasses. I looked down, and couldn’t contain my excitement. “I can see my hands!” I blurted out, turning them over and looking carefully at them. She smiled.

I like my rose-colored glasses, even though they are actually black. And I love that I can actually see now. What a difference! It’s difficult walking while wearing them, but I’m a fast learner. Although I think I’ll not use them while driving until I can walk with them safely.

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