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Excerpt from draft –

When I’m ready, I slide my body up, disturbing the water as I move. The water rocks in the tub slightly, and I can hear more bubbles pop as a result of my movement. One by one, they give up their life, dying off, never to exist again. My chest exposed above the water, I look down where my body disappears into the bubbles. My breasts are perfect, untouched by my own hands. I push aside the bubbles, away from my skin and look lower. My belly bears the marks of my actions. I trace a finger over one of the many scars holding in my anguish. It feels rough compared to my smooth untouched skin, but I don’t mind. It was once the outlet I needed in order to continue my existence. At that moment I don’t even remember, it was exactly what I needed to experience. And in this moment, I will add to my collection. I will feel better now, and contemplate my scars later.

Scarred is one of the short stories coming via Dark Moments, a collection of twisted tales featuring the dark side of the human psyche.

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