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The Grave Series – Darynda Jones

I’m fortunate to belong to an amazing closed book club on Facebook where I get to interact with authors and readers. During one of our almost daily author take-overs, I was privileged to meet Darynda Jones, USA Today & NY Times best selling author. I loved the interaction and managed to win one of her books, First Grave on the Right, the first in the Charley Davidson series. I devoured the first book and was pleased to find the “one click” option at the end so I could easily buy the second. I just finished book two and can’t wait to start the next, although I’m going to have to slow down – There are only so many and I’m going to be disappointed when the series ends!

Charley Davidson is a PI in real life and a grim reaper on the side. Or maybe she’s really a grim reaper and just does the PI thing with her physical body. Regardless, she’s sassy and full of spunk, which is probably the only way she remains sane. When the dead have died under suspicious circumstances, they often come to her (attracted by her sparkly nature) and seek assistance. Enter her father (retired detective) and her uncle (current detective). She assists in a way only she can, by relaying messages from beyond the grave to the police, in order to solve what would certainly be otherwise unsolvable cases.

In book one, we start with three dead attorneys and mix in a back story from her PI career about a domestic abuse victim going into hiding. As if that’s not enough to keep her busy, there is this being haunting her dreams, although the romance between them is not exactly what I would call haunting. Just as she’s discovering all his really is (and where he’s been physically), book two ends. Again, thank goodness for one-click shopping!

Book two picked right back up, less than a week later, starting with her partner in crime (ok, so her assistant, Cookie) waking her at an ungodly hour to help with her friend’s disappearance. As they dig deeper, this missing person has a lot of high school friends dropping dead for all kinds of reasons. And of course there are the mafia-like folks dropping in uninvited, also searching for the same missing person (and maybe killing a few others). And as if one missing person isn’t enough, her mysterious visiting being continues to “haunt” (and by haunt, I mean seduce) her. He has his own personal issues and she’s hell bent on helping him, even if he doesn’t want it.

I’m ready to start book three, slowly of course, since there are only seven published books with the promise of an eighth coming this October, a promise Darynda better live up to. If you like mysteries, humorous characters spewing sarcasm, uncomfortable situations (I mean, it’s never a convenient time to talk to the dead) and a dash of other-wordly romance, this series is for you. Links below –

Find her author’s page here – http://www.daryndajones.com/ and her FB page here – https://www.facebook.com/darynda?fref=ts

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